About Us

Encasa XO is a brand of textile essentials for your home with a focus on quality, simplicity, and longevity. 

The XO in our name embodies the two philosophies that drives us: 

XO: extraordinary

We commit to making every product of ours extraordinary. It starts with crafting an everyday product at an exceptional quality, and then working to provide that at an unbelievable price. That ensures you get extraordinary value whenever you buy our products.

XO: with love

Stemming from xoxo, which is a universal symbol for “hugs and kisses”, XO symbolises the care we put into each of our products. Our relationship with home textiles spans decades, and we give tremendous attention to the details; the feel of the fabrics, the softness of the padding, the fastness of the colour, the finesse of the drape, the performance of the fibre. We pour years into perfecting every little detail, because we want to give you something you will truly love.